Pathways to Prosperity Roadshow

11 May, 2016



Download full program here:

BOD BEC Pathways to Prosperity Business Event – Detailed Program


Hello all,

As you are aware the event Pathways to Prosperity” June 20-22 is one of the coasts premier Business Events.

You will have no doubt seen the event programs, TV and Radio advertising over the past weeks and potentially set those dates aside.

With all of the disastrous events to befall the state in the past couple of weeks we have found that the Pathways Event has been overtaken by matters of much more importance to the state. The consequence of this is that we have reluctantly needed to make the decision to postpone the event for the time being. As I am sure you will understand this is not a decision that we have taken lightly as our staff have been working above and beyond to put this event on for you. We also appreciate those that have let us know they wished to attend and we like you believe this event is one of the uppermost importance to the area.

We fully appreciate that you have all had many other things on your minds of late and that your efforts rightly need to be focused elsewhere at the moment. We will keep you informed as to the rescheduling of the event and as always if we can assist you with your respective business please give us a call.

Kind Regards

Nick, Liz and Marcia and the Board of your BEC